After Freezes Deyna threw it‘s debut „The Deynacode“ into orbit in 2014, the four Swiss crossoverionists finally come around and release their second album „Guess Who’s Fucked“. Unlike the first one, they recorded the whole thing in their Deynacave instead of a studio. „We are fond of details“ Freezes Deyna explains „and since we can’t afford to occupy a studio for months, we thought it was the perfect solution“.
So what‘s to expect? „Of course we stay true to the Deynastyle, dynamic sound and musical freedom are still very important to us and with our newest member, DJ Skeptic, we have more possibilities than ever.“ Nevertheless „Guess Who’s Fucked“ sounds more from one piece than its predecessor, even though the songs have been written over the period of three years.

Rib - Vocals / Fluffy - Guitar / Flow - Bass
Dee - Drums / DJ Skeptic - Turntables


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Rudy Kink

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